In Memory

Scott Bethman

Scott died from Cancer.

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02/17/09 12:05 AM #1    

C. Ramsey Clyatt III

I first met Scott when I moved to Delaware in the early 1980's. We both attended the last 4th grade class at Newark Elementary. He, I , (and others that may read this) use to play with Star Wars action figures in the sand box at Newark.

In high school, I knew he was battling cancer and had spent some time at St. Judes. I am not sure that too many people where aware of that fact (although I could be easily mistaken). I remember he was a very kind kid with a close circle of friends. He always seemed to be smiling or laughing in their company.

Even though Scott and I were more long term acquaintances, I am saddened to hear of his passing and felt it necessary to submit my small memories. It is a shame that we will not get to bump into him and learn about the paths he chose to walk after his time with us at A.I.

03/10/09 10:50 PM #2    

Cherrise Whye

Hi Everyone,

I do remember Scott and I was sadly to hear that he had passed as well. He was always kind and had a up beat spirit to me. The times I talked to him were good and I did know he was battling Cancer. We should definately have a memory vase for him during the reunion. Rest in Peace

08/17/09 12:26 AM #3    

Laura Deery (Livengood)

Cherrise, I think the memory vase for Scott at our reunion is a very touching and brilliant idea. Ramsey, I remember Scott's fondness for all things Star Wars, too. Scott was a very kind and gentle soul and his battle with cancer was an extremely difficult one. I was always amazed by his courage and the amazing ability he had to get through what life dealt him with a smile for everyone, not only those he knew. He is certainly missed...

08/26/09 01:13 PM #4    

James Ernst

Scott was my best friend. His illness kept him from graduating with us. He spent a lot of time at St. Jude and Johns Hopkins. The staff at Johns Hopkins provided a limousine for the few of us closest to Scott, so that we could visit him and have a small graduation ceremony for him in the hospital. He passed away in early 1990, just shy of his 19th birthday. It has been almost 20 years since he passed, and not a day goes by that I don't miss him terribly. He was one of the gentlest and kindest souls I have ever met. His outlook, despite his constant battle with Leukemia, makes me think of him as one of the bravest also. I was privelidged to have known Scott, and to call him a friend. May he forever rest in peace.

08/27/09 10:13 AM #5    

Edward Opher Jr.

Scott was also my best friend. I first met Scott in the 4th grade at North Star elementary school. His family had just moved up from North Carolina to Delaware. We created a friendship the first day we met and it lasted until this very day. Scott was a special person who had a beautiful and strong spirit. Scott developed leukemia when he was a very young. Doctors hadn't given him long to live and this was just in the 4th grade. So the simple fact that he made it to his senior year is a testament to his personal strength. He wanted to live and have a normal life that many of us were able to experience. Although he went through more pain then most people I know could ever endure, Scott was not one to complain about it. He was someone I always took personal strength from. Scott loved art and wanted to be an artist. I will always remember the good times me, Scott, Jim Ernst, and Chad Bentley had together. I pray that he will always be remembered for the person he was, and that he now rest in peace with no more suffering.

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